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Many people are becoming worried about the possibility of melting  ice caps causing sea levels to rise. What part does increasing quantities of Carbon Dioxide play in all this?  What is it like to live in the shadow of a windfarm? Can windfarms cause climate change?

This book endeavours to explain (without being too technical) the different reasons for climate change, and  also the difference between naturally occurring and man-made climate change. It also looks at the efforts being made to reduce carbon dioxide and also if some of these changes are actually having the opposite effect.

Carbon Dioxide is not the most significant greenhouse gas, that honour is reserved for water vapour, yet in many countries millions of pounds (or dollars) is wasted trying to eradicate carbon dioxide - the main requirement for producing the air that we breathe. Too little oxygen production will result in the entire population being asphixiated.

The effects of Climate Change involves everyone, no matter if they they are natives gathered around a log fire or an executive driving a ‘Gas-Guzzling’ car. The contribution that carbon dioxide (CO2) makes to climate change is actually unclear, however if this heavier than air gas behaved in a manner that many would have us believe then there just would not be enough carbon dioxide to produce the amount of oxygen required for the 7 billion population of this planet to be able to breathe.

The fact that water vapour is more significant a greenhouse gas than CO2 is ignored by many, partly because it is assumed to be almost totally natural rather than a mixture of natural and man made like CO2. Should we actually ignore water vapour when it automatically reduces the greenhouse gas role of CO2 to below (perhaps very much below) 50%?

Expensive wind farms are being built to try and reduce carbon dioxide emissions but there is also a suggestion that they could also contribute to climate change by altering wind patterns and changing the ‘Jet-Stream’

Everyone should read this book to get a greater understanding of all the implications of carbon dioxide and climate change.   Click for excerpts from book


Climate Change

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